Friday, January 16, 2009

Bec's Entry 150109:Damn sariawan!!!!

Notes:too lazy to find out what sariawan in english ^^

3 days already left but my sariawan still stuck w/ me.Vit c didn't help me at all right now,usually it work.

I trully trully hate it,I gave up today n bought kenalog,hopefully it will help me.Normally my sariawan gone or getting better in just two days without using medicine n with just vit c.This is probably one of the worst sariawan that I ever had.

Tonight I went to palestinian solidarity night,gosh the picture made me so sad,it was really tragic n cruel.I didn't have a power to see the whole vid,I put my head away from the vid like ten times.

I know mr.ustad told me it was wrong to hate Israel because they are actually a people of Yakub/Daud(suddenly forgot which one hahaha what a bad religious person I am) d prophet n it was the demon who took control of them and there are good Israel people all aroud the world but still T T
Poor palestinian people,God please help n protect them..
One thing Maroco house is awesome,this my first time here n it amazed me.

Btw iman is so 'jayush',he told me that mr.ustad look like tobey mcguaire huahuahua and trust me he's not ^^


  1. what is sariawan in engglish

  2. I dont find what is mind sariawan in engglish