Friday, January 16, 2009

Bec's Entry 160109: 20 places all around the world that I'm dying to go before I really die

I've posted it before in our previous blog,but I copied
n paste it here to remind my self about my dream holiday destination,so I always remember to save more money to make my dream come true ^_^

I loves travelling so bad,one of my biggest dreams is to travelling all around the world =)

But if I'm not that lucky to travel all around the world,there are some places that I really wish and dying that I can go there before I really die hehehe

Here I am to share my top 20 places all around the world that I really want to visit ^^

Ps:The rank based on my most fav places now but since time is moving fast,the rank may change in the future or can come out with new place if I finally have a change to visit one of the list n replace it with new place that I loves to go there.
For now enjoy it,hopefully it also can help whoever who read this post when they confuse to choose their holiday destination.
So cheers n please pray for my travelling wishes to be real ;)

1. South Korea
I love korean music,one of my fav group ever ShinHwa n some of my fav singers comes from here.I love the fashion scene,I love the people n the culture,I love their technology,their cute stuff,their movie,tv drama,variety show,their dance culture,their food and the modern asia city scene Etc. There are too many things that I loves about this country,I hope I can go there badlly ^^

I love England since my junior high,I love almost everything about this country especially london,manchester,football,the view,the fashion scene,the music, and not forget to mention the modern prince charming prince William n Harry ;)I want to watch menchaster united too badly.

I love japanesse fashion so much,I love how care people in this country about fashion n style.I love the food as much as I love the fashion.I love some of their music too.I love to visit japan disneyland,disney sea,hello kitty land to universal studio there.I love their anime,culture,the boys ^.~ hehehe. Their cute stationary,etc

4.France aka Paris
Paris is one of the most exotic n beautiful city in my opinion.I really want to visit versailes.Walk in the street n hang out around the fashionable parisian.I want to go to disney euro.I love paris as a beautifull city n capital of fashion.I love the accent n their cozy lounge music.

5.Caribean n bora bora
I love beautiful beaches so much,that's why I'm dying to go to one of the beaches in caribean island or bora bora.I saw the pics of the beach in caribean island n borabora n it's so breath taking *please don't blame me if bora bora is one of the places in caribean island since I don't the know the exact place of bora bora*

I want to shopping in Zara n mango hometown,watching real madrid,sight seeing the beautiful building and the people at the same time and watching n enjoying the beautiful scenery outside the city

I want to travel to rome,milan to tusconi.I fall in love with the beautiful
Scenery of Tusconi after I watched one of Jane Austen's movie who showed us the beautiful flower park n nature scenery.I love Italy fashion scene too,the foods,the people etc

8.Las Vegas
I want to experience n feel the real fun n the glamorous sin city ^^

Except las vegas that I already mention above.I really want to go to LA because I have good friends there. I also want to visit SF, NYC n washington if I goes to US.I want to go to the disneyland,universal studio n also Hawai.Actually US is not my fav country based on the view n so on but your travelling is not complete if you never go to US hehehe.Btw I hope I can lucky enough to meet few celebs if I go there ;)

I love greek mythology n I think the building in this country is one of state of the art in the world



13.ChinaEsp beijing,guangzho,shanghai n shenzen

14.Cezch republic aka Praha



17.Amankilla resort or other super private villa/resort with the most beautiful beach in bali like the one that amankilla has.Absolutely perfectly breathtaking,no wonder the beckham's love to stay in aman's resort group in bali.

18.Maldives islands *Love the beach!!*again don't blame me if this place part of caribean but if I'm not wrong Its not one of caribean islands*

19.New Zealand

20. Swiss

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