Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bec's Entry 280109: Boring of everything

Boring mode on ~~

I find out that 'ENOUGH' almost never exist in most human's life,including mine is so trueeeee *sigh*

Usually I love to hang out and play around,but these last few days I felt slightly boring with all the fun outside the house,and wishing that I could spend a day at home,at least for a half day,but now when the time is arrive...I FEEL BORING!!!,and yet its just only half of the day hahaha

I hate it when I reach the kind of boring type,I'll rather stuck with boring at hm type or boring with all the outside fun.

Don't know what to do now,the only good thing is my mood stay in calm mode,so its easier for me to deal with the whole boring thing than when I'm stuck with boring alongside my bad mood.

I think I'll rather take a shower now to chill down while thinkin about what can I do today to cheer up my boring day

'Just a random "WHY' aka isenk Notes:
1.Why Pharell william always wearing red cap most of the time??is that his fav color or what???
2.Why Kim JaeJoong always look good no matter what his hair color is???? *this is so unfair for other human being*
3.Why girls on 'the hills' are so damn lucky???I already discuss this with PTR n the result,its so unfair for 'ordinary' girls like us
4.Why madonna is so lucky lately getting surrounded by bunch of boys that I think of them as hot boys such as Justin timberlake and pharell???

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