Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bec's Music Review of 270509:JunJin new mini album FASCINATION

I'm listening to JunJin new album the whole song right now and here I am sharing my review from my POV ^^

So enjoy it =)

Track 3:Happy Ending feat Kim HeeSun and Kang JinWoo.

This is a cool dance song.The beat is very catchy from the first time you hear it.And in my ears the sound in someway kinda remind me of ShinHwa's songs.Beside the catchy beat,JunJin's voice mix really well with this kind of song,his voice make this song even sexier.And the rap by kang JinWoo added the 'cool' feeling into this song while Kim HeeSun *not sure this is Eric's ex the actress Kim HeeSun or not* although her part is very little compare to the rapper but it was enough to give more catchy feeling to this song.

Track 2:Hey Ya! Feat Son Dambi and Bigtone.

No doubt a sexy rnb,dance,hiphop and cool dance song.JunJin's voice and Son Dambi's voice melted away nicely together right from the first part.And Bigtone as the rapper took control the rapper part pefectly.The beat of this song will make your body flow with beat easily.JunJin's voice,dance skill and image are perfect for this kind of song.In my opinion this kind of song suited him the most.This is definitely the right track to be put as the main single.I love this song ^^

Track 4:Nahl Saranghaerah

From the first time, I know JunJin doesn't have the kind of angel's voice like Shin HyeSung does,but JunJin has his own unique voice.You can tell it's JunJin just from hearing his voice.His voice has his own characteristic and sexy at the same time.Just like he showed us in this song.Basically I found this song as a simple ballad but also a nice one.JunJin's voice flow nicely with the song.From this song,you can hear clearly the progress in his voice and vocal skill,double J you make us proud ^^

Track 5: Saranghaji annayo

At first I thought this was the new version of JunJin first debut song,but it wasn't.To me this my least fav song from this mini album.Maybe I can change my opinion after I hear the album for a couple of time but for now to me this just a simple boring ballad.

Track 1:Babocheoreom Feat Lee SiYoung and PJ Jun.

Another dance track from this album and also my least fav dance track in this album.Somehow the beat kinda remind me of Wa but I prefer Wa than this song.Not bad but not my fav type of dance song.The song brought us the sound of house music,techno or progressive.But still this song is better than the two ballads in this album from my pov.

After all I found this cd worth to hear and not a bad one if you want to buy it ^^

-I'll give 3 ½ of 5 for this song =)-

So for you JunJin's fan,ShinHwa's fan,kpop lover,Dance Music lover,and music lovers,don't miss this album ^^

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