Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bec"s Entry of 10112009: Today's Craving list

My Today's Craving list:

1. Strawberry twist's Red Manggo

2. Strawberry cheese cakeAdd Image3. Pizza by Ranch Market or Domino's Pizza
4. Charles and Keith's bazaar *biarpun kondisi keuangan sangat memburuk to ini bazaar betul2 mengoda jiwa n raga gw sebagai seorang wanita huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa*
5. Risoles made in gw *narsis*
6. Macaroni schotel made in iky or gw *narsis no.2*
7. Es buah
8. Salmon sushi or sashimi
9. Toffee nut latte's starbuck
10. All kind of udon

so many list but lil money left..i guess life is hard when times like this arrive ^_^

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