Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bec's Entry 130108: The Not so Big city Jakarta

Yesterday my friend RSH told me that her boss is going to introduce her to her family today.

Today she suddenly asked me if I know someone called MNG,I told her yes its one of my relative.Then she asked me about him,I told her he is a good man,she told me that MNG is her boss cousin n dingdong something knocked me and hurriedly I asked her don't tell me that MNG is the one you told us yesterday your boss wanted to introduce to u and its so true hahaha

What a small city our lovely jakarta hehehe.Don't know what will happen between those two,but I'll give update if I hear somethin new hohoho.Honestly I think they can look cute as couple but since they has a diff religion I don't know whether they relationship can become more than friendship but who know ^^

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