Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bec's Entry 140109: the doctor's spoiler,still unsure at what chap I'll put this part

Let love lead the way by Spice Girl

Drabbles isenk ^^

HyeSung woke up from his sleep abruptly,the nightmare showed him how JinKa left him forever n gone with MinWoo.It almost brought tears to his still sleepy eyes.

Just the dreamed made him crazy.And shortly he decided the right thing to do for now is to keep distance from the only girl he ever trully love Ahn JinKa.At least for a while till he can calm down n burn away his feeling.So if someday his nightmare become reality,his pain will less painfull than the one he felt in his nightmare.

HyeSung walked to the dining table with a real confident that he can hold on to his promise like a real man n stand still to keep distance from JinKa for a while.

"Sungie JinKa is looking for you this morning" HyeSung's mom words made HyeSung almost choke his breakfast.

"Oh" HyeSung tried to sound calm.God Why on earth Jinka is looking for me in my first day of tryin to keep distance from her?,HyeSung groaned n the nightmare back to his mind at the worse part when MinWoo took JinKa away to live in Alaska forever and will never comeback to korea no matter what happen.

"Give her a visit after you eat Sungie-a"

"Ok don't worr..."he stopped instantly "but...not today"

"Why?this is your free sunday hyung,you told me last night" SungMin spoke without no bad attention,HyeSung glared to him.

"Shut up its not of your fucking bussin...I mean don't mind my problem SungMina" HyeSung gulped,his mom glared deathly to him as SungMin's face covered with clear sad look "I got a call from Royal before I slept last night,we have an important sudden meeting this morning and it will take the whole day"

"Poor JinKa-a I told her that you will company her to her friend's bday today" Mrs.Shin sighed.

"Where's Minu?He is JinKa's bf,JinKa is not my responsible anymore " HyeSung snapped a lil furioushly out of the blue.

"Yah what are you talking about Shin HyeSung?MiNu is her bf,you are her oppa,how come you talk like that?"

"Mian I...I'm just quite stress that I have a meeting in my day off" HyeSung lied.The words of 'her oppa' nudged his heart straigtly "I gotta go,see you latter umma" HyeSung kissed his mom's cheek.

"Bye dear,but Sungie-a can you stop by at JinKa's place before you go?"

"Sorry umma I can't,too close to get late already"

"At least give her a phone"

"Yeah later"

"Sungie why don't you..."

"Later umma,I'm in hurry" HyeSung hurriedly grabbed his wallet and cellphone upstair, ran to the front door,ignoring his mom's voice from behind who reminded him to give a call to JinKa.

"Sungie oppa" JinKa sweet happy face showed right in front HyeSung's face when he opened the front door.

"Aaa...JinKa-a" HyeSung was beyond shocked and felt like God trully hating him now "I..I can't go with you today,I have to work"

"You have to work?" a pouted in JinKa's face and it was enough to instantly attacked HyeSung new firewall "Oh ok I can go by my self oppa..."

"Sorry I have a sudden meeting called last night and it will take the whole day" JinKa nodded silently "JinKa-a I'm really sorry" now HyeSung felt like a real bad guy for lying to JinKa and made the sweet happy face went gloomy "Where's MiNu?Why don't you ask him to go with you?don't tell me he say no to be your companion to your friend's bday because he think it such a childish thing" HyeSung accused MinWoo emotionally.

"No oppa its not like that"

"Don't tell me he say no to you because he want to spend his sunday studying more book at home" HyeSung still in angry mode on.

"No oppa its not like that"

"So why?Don't try to protect your bad bf in front of me Ahn JinKa"

"I'm not,Minu oppa won't go with me because I told him I want to go there with you" JinKa blushed.

" choose to go with me than your bf..than Minu?"HyeSung couldn't believe what he just heard "Why JinKa-a?"

"Because I promised you before that we'll go to EunHyuk's bday together,remember you mad at me last year because I went to his bday with SungMin"

"But...still you have a bf now,I mean it was just a stupid promise JinKa-a,you don't need to stick with it,you can go with Minu.I don't mind" he said bitterly.

"I don't want to go there with Minu oppa,he can go there with DongHae.I want to go with you,but you have to work..I'll go there alongside SiWon and ChilHyun oppa.Sorry for bothering you oppa...I better go back now before you late for your meeting.Bye oppa" JinKa smiled with a clear regret in her eyes.


"Its ok oppa,I know you have to work" JinKa said calmly and started to walk away from HyeSung front yard.

"Ahn JinKa I go with you"
HyeSung sighed deeply.

"Oppa you have to w..."JinKa didn't have time to finish her words.

"I'll make sure the meeting finish before the bday time.Don't worry I'll do anything for you" HyeSung smiled happily as a genuine happy smile curled in JinKa's lips.

"Thanks oppa,I love you" she said happily.

"I love you too JinK-a,I really love you" HyeSung brought her to his embrace at the same time as he threw away all the promised he made to himself this morning.

I know its probably one of the stupidest thing that I ever done,Shin HyeSung you lead your own self to a death rope but God what can I do?how can I ignore her sad face?how can I walk around her and Minu without having a pain in the chest?how can I go back to the day when I love her just like my only lil girl dongseng that I never had?Why the only thing I can do is letting my love to her lead the way..lead my way to my own funeral...


  1. HyeSung can sacrifice his feeling for Jinka, as long as JinKa happy. It better for him to feel the hurt than Jinka.

  2. Your words only make my guilty feeling to Sungie even worse,I feel like a real cruel person T T
    Damn JinKa!!!

    If this one of the scene in the movie, I may end up hating JinKa a bit for being so blind and hurting the poor sungie hiks