Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bec's Entry 290109: Lil Reunion with The Doctors' crew ^^

Last night before went to sleep,in order to refresh my brain n bring back the doctors mood and getting in touch with the doctors' character emotion again,I re-read the previous chapter from the prologue,i hope by getting in touch with the fic's characters will help me to come up with new chapter soon. And even I only managed to re-read till chapter 3 cause my sleepy eyes got me but it was succeed to rebuilt the broken connection between me n Sungie cs ^^

I hope n wish I can finish the new chap before the 2nd week of feb to make our loyal readers happy ^^

It kinda bother me when I read those old comments from our 'old' loyal readers who already gone now T T
But at least they are a lot better than those silent readers who remain silent till now hahaha

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