Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bec's FnB Stories of 160109 n 170109

1 fried instan yakisoba
Hot tea

4 tsb Rice
1 fried chili chicken
1 fried chicken traditional
Sauteed vegetables
1/2 salt fish
Kerupuk bawang
2 choco biscuit
2 or 3 pieces of wafer

Dinner by sushi grove:
Share some sushi,3 pieces takoyaki n 1 piece tempura
2 glass of cold ocha

It was holiday so i'm taking easy on my diet hehehe


Brunch by d'palm:
8 tsb of rice
1 empal gepuk *i love empal n empal in here is quite delicious*
Tumis kangkung
Tiny piece of fried gurame
1 Tempe mendoa
Tiny salt fish
1 coconut ice

1 teh kotak
1 chicken rogut by bawean
1 glass of cendol
1/2 portion of french fries n 1 bite of sausage by java bean

Dinner by shiera:
1 portion oxtoil soup w/rice
Hot choco
1 bite chicken steak

Lil licked of rasa cake

I ate too many rice today ><

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