Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bec's FnB stories of 240109 to 250109

Notes:starting today I'm not going to write down what I had drink if I only drinking mineral water since I won't gain any weight ^^


Traditional fried chicken
Baby kaylan with oyster sauce

1 slice nougat cake by bawean
Lil keripik singkong keju

Dinner by sari pan pacific:
Lil lasagna,lil roasted orange chicken,lil salad and some varioust food that I didn't remember what the name are but it somethin like beef steak to smoke beef
Some watermelon n papaya

Supper by amadeus:
1 blueberry cheese cake by amadeus

2nd supper:
Herbal tea

It was weekend,so have fun and eat everything you want to eat ☺


1 portion baso tahu by saboga
Some cimol

Lil pocari sweat n vitazone
2 pieces of french fries
Teh kotak

Pre dinner:
Fried indomie

Dinner by pizza hut:
1 slice of super supreme
1 slice of meat lover
1 coke

Still in weekend mode on,especially it was a special long weekend ^^

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