Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bec's FnB stories of 260109,270109 to 280109

Notes:kinda loosing my memory about what I ate on jan 26,so I wrote what still stuck in my brain ^^v


4 tsp of fried rice

Lunch at Zizi's bday:
1 fried chicken package w rice by a&w
1 original fried chicken by kfc
1 special large pastel
From a pie n pastel's house in bogor,forgot what the name is but I *recommended this one*
Varioust snack from bday's cake to rambutan etc

½ piece of srikaya fruit
Some cookies

4 tsp of brown rice with beef abon

Supper by pizza hut:
1 slice of super supreme
1 herbal tea

I ate too much this day and I can't remember the whole snack I stumbled into my belly ><


1 glass of hot milo

4tsp of rice
1 fried chili chicken
Daun ubi tumbuk

Early dinner to dinner at Naura's bday:
1 slice margarita pizza by ranch,oakwood.
Some padang satay with lil lontong by a regular padang satay's place that my big families uses to ordered in most family gathering *recommended,but forgot who is the seller*
1 small portion of spaghetti by deli france
A lot of soft drink
A lot of nachos with salsa sauce

Some nangka

I tried to convince my self that this day n the day before was a special family day,so I'm free to eat anything but still it can't stop the 'guilty feeling' in my heart hehehe


1\4 piece of papaya
Hot tea

4 tsp of rice
2 pieces of fried tuna fillet
Some carrot from chicken soup
1 glass of nutrisari

Snack by mom's risoles n pastel,ambas:
2 pieces of smoke beef n cheese rogut *recommended*
1 piece of smoke beef n cheese risoles

Early dinner:
2 pieces of fried tuna fillet
Some nachos with salsa sauce

Dinner by mcd:
4 pieces of nuggets
1 choco sundaze ice cream
1 regular coke

Seriously regretting my decision to drank soda n ate ice cream at the same time,damn my weak self control over foods. Thank God I can stop my self from adding french fries into my already full of fat dinner.

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