Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ann's Entry: Keluhan Hari Ini...

Fiuuhhh... Sekarang gue lagi siap2 mau ke kampus. Tunggu mobil dtg terus langsung ciao. Harusnya sih gue ketar-ketir mau ke kampus, deg2an to the max. Tp perasaan gue sekarang lagi tenang, walo ada sedikit perasaan was2. Tp ketutup dengan perasaan abis Perwalian di kampus gue bakal memulai hidup yang baru... Just wish me luck, kay!

Things I Want to Do Today... (Don't know if I can't complish all the list. Depend on my BF... TT TT)
1. Borrow some comics, magazines, or novel at ZOE (Edit: Somehow I lost my interest to read some books)
2. Want to go to the bookstore to refresh my eyes (maybe buy some stationary or stuff for my college things) (Edit: Maybe tomorrow since my ATM still empty. And my PMS really got me)
3. Play Mini Games (Edit: Nearly accomplished. Want to install the games now)
4. Watch some movies
5. Drink a Frappu (As an exchange I drank Toffee Nut Blend)

Suddenly I felt so enthusiastic now. Wheeee!!! Besok harus ke kampus lagi, soalnya tadi Dosen Wali nya gak ada. Pengen cepet2 berkegiatan lagi!!!

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