Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ann's Entry: Another Story of My Life

Mo menghela napas dulu deh..... HHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh.......
Mata sepet, dibuka kayaknya gak enak... Antara ada dan gak ada gairah untuk melakukan sesuatu hari ini...

Harusnya hari ini Perwalian, tp kayaknya besok deh... Soalnya Togar maunya besok. Padahal gue pengennya hari ini biar semua masalah bisa diselesaikan. Pengen cepet2 mulai kuliah mumpung udah semangat mau getol konsen di TA n kuliah. N sekalian menikmati saat2 terakhir sebelom gak jadi mahasiswa lagi. I passed my highschool year and I want go back, and know while I'm still in college I want to enjoy it as I can... Coz everytime I think that time can't turn back suddenly I feel sad. I'm scared I will regret and miss my college year when I'm a worker or a housewife...

Well, honestly the academic problems not just the first thought now... Another thought that flying in my mind is crambled into nothing... I don't know what I'm thinking right now... /Mood Bipolar mode on/

Thought that flying, running, and thumping inside my brain:
1. I had a monetary crisis right now, I only had Rp 70.000 on my wallet, and nothing at my ATM.
2. I'm a little corruptor. I owe my mom lot of money for college thing coz I used it for unnecessary things.
3. I'm on a panicky mode, how to told my Mom that I need some money to pay my college thing tomorrow. Even she knows why I use the money but I still feel bad to ask for.
4. I'm scare to meet my docents and lector tomorrow.
5. I'm dizzy thinking bout the bazaar thing. Need to do encoding for processing (data collecting).
6. Want to do something that can make some money, but too lazy to do it.
7. Thinking bout how much I ate lately... And had a flash think to be an anorexic or bulimic...
8. Bored with my life. No, not I'm cursing my life, but more into boring on my routinity... Just lazying all day long, hangout and being a little hedonist everyday... Need more adventuring and passionating life.
9. I hate myself coz I can't save up all my money, and my boyfriend is like that too. I'm scare to see my future with him... ^^ But I guess people will change as the time pass by.
10.Want to meet my friends but I can't.
11. the effect from Light Menthol got me so bad.
12. My stomach feel weird, I guess I'll have my period soon... Just want to lazying all day at my bed.
13. Just want to sit in my lazy chair, looking at the clear view, and have a blank mind.
14. Still uploading so much photos into my Facebook.
15. Want to sing and shout out loud!!! Refreshing my brain!!!

And my PMS really got me crazy now...

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  1. Gw juga selalu berharap mesin waktu do exist in real world huahuahua
    Pengen bgt balik ke masa kecil waktu atok gw msh ada sampe pengen bgt balik k masa kul2 hahaha