Sunday, February 08, 2009

Ann's Entry: Pergaulan Gak Jelas

Kay, finally I feel the effects from slept up to 3pm, drank alcohols, and hit by the night wind from Bandung's lately winter season almost every night... I guess I'm strong and will be healthy. I always told my Gank to stay healthy and eat some vitamin. And now, the Boss almost caught a fever... No!!! I don't want to sick... But if I get sick, I will think positive, I'll lost my weight even in an unhealthy way...

About losing some weight... Me and Mia have a bet with Togar and Ponto. Until my birthday, which mean 38 days left, me n Mia will be losing our weight... So we can use bikini or swimsuit when we go to Batu Karas. Who lost will be paying the hotel... I'm in a competition mood now. So, from the day after tomorrow I'll be fighting again! Wish us win, kay!!!

Well, about I;m not feel well... Almost everyday in this week I slept around 4 in the morning, hangout with my gank (singing, eating, etc until 3.30 in the morning. It's my first time singing at the karaoke's until 3 in the morning), hit by the coldest weather in Bandung (I never felt Bandung like this before), drank lot of alcohol (until my gastric relapse to the max), and because the late sleep me and my friends rarely brush our teeth and wash our face... So un-healthy lifestyle. Although I hate it, but I love it too!

But maybe will be postpone our new routinity till my birthday. Me and my boyfriend will be a geek with my college stuffs, Mia with her housewife job, and Ponto with his matters. Saving some money, losing some weight, and organizing our life to be normal again before get wild on my birthday next month... ^^

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