Friday, February 20, 2009

Bec's EnTry 200209: Today's Plan list ♡

Today's plan list:

1. I must work again *sigh* but must do all I can to stand still

2.The cold weather make me wanting to stay at bed for a day

3.I'm craving for a hot hazelnut green tea latte or a plate of caesar salad

4.Must do an exercise again

5.Wanting to try the delicious MOS burger *people said it was delicious,so I'm curious*

6.Or probably a sushi tei for today???

7.Meet up with PTR n gank tonight *not sure it will happen or not*

8.watching dvd tonight if I come back home without *tepar* or the so called lazy doing nothing mood mode on

9.Still confuse what to wear today

10.Tell my self to eat less carbo for dinner

Bec sign out ^_^

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