Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bec's Entry of 110209: 15 things about me lately

1.Not too happy because my aunty got hospitalised but Thank God she already went hm n starting to get better.

2.Happy because almost my entire big families in medan came to jkt,too bad my cousins that i misses the most KP n KNZ can't make it into jkt this time.

3.Someone in my big families really annoys me around these last few days.

4.Still unlucky enough to win the 'arisan' money,damn hehehe.The winner of this month is WND,n it kinda special because he won in his bday by chance.

5.My weakness over food control is getting worse n worsen!!!My losing weight program is Extremely in dangerous zone.

6.The night before yesterday, I had a sudden too happy mood without a clear reason. I'm kinda scared because most of the time when I felt slightly too happy without clear reason,it ended up with bad day soon after that.

7.Loves jkt cold weather.

8.In a big big varioust dilemmas n the one that make me confuse the most is the one that I don't know how to solve it or what to do with it.Damn!!!!!

9.Excited to the max with JunKi coming to jkt tonight. Too bad he come for charity and secretly *thank to internet,the secret was broken ^_^V * So there will be no meet n greet but I hope the 'panitia' or crew will change their mind. I wish I can meet JunKi even only for a minute hiks,he is one of my fav actor alongside kang dongwon n

10.Decided to do exercise again starting yesterday.

11.I really hate my new hair style who look like dora or chibi maruko chan at first,but now my confident is slightly increase because my friends told me that it wasn't as bad as I thought *i hope they didn't do it just to make me happy huhuhu*

12.My love toward nachos is getting bigger n bigger,damn the stock in my hm n my aunty's hm was gone.I miss nachos,I want to order it again from my cousin's friend.

13.Dying to watch Rihanna's concert but the price is getting more expensive than the previous cancelled concert in nov.*evil mode on:wishing the concert for another cancellation n come back when I have the money to watch hohoho*

14.Didn't remember when the last time I watch tv seriously with more than 15 minutes ,I miss watching tv but always too lazy or tired whenever I get hm.

15.My sleepy habbit when worse to worsen because of the of the cold weather but somehow I enjoy it hahaha.

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