Sunday, February 01, 2009

Bec's FnB stories of 310109-010209


1 hot milo

Lunch by secret recipe:
Vietnam beef noodles ♥recommended♥
1 tea tarik
Lil nip of iman's malay lemak rice n mom's malay boiled noodle

Dinner by beppu:
1 gyu soba ramen reguler portion ♥recommended♥ 1 cold ocha

It was weekend's food ^^


1 indomie chicken curry

Lunch by hhb:
1 portion of Rice,beef teriyaki n salad

Dinner by kfc:
1 portion of rice
1 original fried chicken
1\4 crispy fried chicken
1 slurp of coke

1 vitazone
1 rogut by kantin mmc
Some kerupuk bawang
1 slice of lapis legit by holland bakery

Weekend is always my free day to eat,but the fact that I ate indomie n 2 portion of rice from hhb n kfc really bother me because the portion was quite large esp hhb.But since I'm sick I forgive my self cause I need energy ^^ *lame excuse* but I hate my self from eating the available snacks after I suddenly visited my auntie who also sick and had to stay in mmc ER for a few hours.

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