Thursday, July 09, 2009

Bec' s Entry of 090709: Just another random post from Travel plans to silent readers ^^

Ann and Bec's travel plan:

Where are we going nit???
Lemme know what's ur top priority, so i can check the travel next month ^^
My original priority is Seoul but since I'm on a tight budget, halfhearted and hardly i must skip Seoul this time,but hopefully we can make it next year ^^

For now in my opinion it's between Thailand, HongKong or Philippine *the beach is awesome, but I'm not sure about the other stuff*
Beside that Singapore or Malay would be fine, although i put malay in my least list at the moment and for spore the price is still high in there but if we just go there for sight seeing, its not that bad ^^ at least we can go crazy over kpop's CD at HMV.

Our Writing

Although the numbers of silent readers is crazy right now,but i still in love with the doctors hihihi so keep on fighting ^^

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