Sunday, August 02, 2009

Ann's Entry: I'M BAACCKK!!!

Holla! Lahho!! Hello!!! Finally I'm back!!! After not updating for a very looooongggg tiimmmeee!!!! Hohohoho!!! And I'm changing my status here, now I'm a college graduated and jobless for sure... ^^ I'll search for a job soon as I did my citation this end of August.

Well for now I'm doing several things, like:
- preparing for me n my besties online shop and hope soon we'll have our 'boutique'. I don't have a dream that someday I'll have my own boutique, but since it's for fun, and hopefully I can earn more money, the important is I'm doing it with my besties. So I'll do the best for it. I'll put the link if everything's done. Please check it out, k?!
- taking the Korean language course. It will be my third language.
- DIET!!! It's the most important thing! I must be slim for my graduation and my soon sister-in-law reception. Awful assumption made my skin awful too, and I really hate it! So, start this Monday, I'll post my daily notes again. Including my assumption for a day, my beauty routine, and of course many interesting updates.
- Ann&Bec's project (the Docs, All Your Dreams, One-shot, etc). Where's yours, Bec?? Ho9. I'll do it soon...

So for now I'll doing my final assignment revision, so I can re-decorating my bedroom and my work area. So I can make stuffs for our shop. See you tomorrow, Fighting!

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