Sunday, August 02, 2009

Ann's Entry: Re-decorating my bedroom (EDITED!)

Since I'm occupied my room again... I want to change the atmosphere so I can feel cozy for a long time. I will change the layout and the wall painting, and I will put some decorating element.

This is the picture of my room before the makeover:

It's too plain and too messy. So I'm planning to make it more cozy, warmer, and tidier.

The image chart:
I will use between this color for the lower wall and using the old white paint for the upper. While I use a border in the middle, around 2m height from the floor.
It will look kinda like this, but of course with different color and ornament.

For the borders, I'll use the classic type. Like flowers, leaves, dynamic patterns, or solid colors. Maybe I can use the solid wood patterns too.

I will use my old furniture set. No need for the new one, coz they're still good as new. For the decorating ornament, I'll use my old carpet, some framed pictures (sorry for the ShinHwa's posters, I must put you down...), artificial flowers, etc. And of course I change one of my three full body mirror into circles. Like this...

And on each circle mirror there's my painting like flower, leaves, etc made by glass paint.

So, curious of how it will turned out to be? I'll post the after photos soon as I finish the makeover! Fighting!

Before and after photos from each side:

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