Sunday, August 02, 2009

Ann's Entry: Cute Interior Ideas

This wall is so adorable. From the plain white paint wall can turned to be so eye catching. Genius idea for intergrating the laminated board with paint. And the form (a man with a brain) so perfect to put in your bedroom or playing area.

This wall is so elegant, classy, and feminine. I really like it. I think it's made from an art paper or scallop-shell. You can make it happen in your living room or bedroom.

Well, although I like this princess theme so much, but I don't think I can realize it in my bedroom. It's too good to be true! And it's kinda scary for honesty, coz see the pumpkin bed as a queen's corpse carriage in a 'Keraton' period.

Hahahaha looks the same, right? But out of it, I once had a dreams to have a room like this... ^^

It's so funny, like an animal trap! Somehow, I'm kinda scared to sleep there, how if the stick broke and the box fall down... But it's an outstanding idea.

I had a dream of having a house tree too. And it's almost perfect. A tree house in bedroom. Woohooo... I like this. And make the room looks so fresh too.


  1. Bec: Setiap ngeliat gambar 2kyk gini, hasrat dekor ulang kamar juga jd besar tapi ngerjainnya maless hohoho
    sekalian dong kmr gw :D

  2. Ann wrote: Serius mau?? Ayolah gw bantuin. Lo mau konsepnya apa nnt gw bikinin portfolio sm image chart nya. Gmn?