Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Bec's Entry: Just Another to-kill-doin-nothing-time Post

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Since it's a to-kill-doin-nothing-time post, I'm going to post thing that stuck in my head at the moment.

Pretty Boy

Listen to this song, makes my mind wondering to the prettiest Kim JaeJoong's of DBSG and then to the rest of and their problem with SM now.Poor DBSG hopefully everything going well for them, they deserve the best. I don't know the latest news of this case, but from the first news that i had read from my friend, it was only JaeJoong,JunSu and Micky who tried to fight for their right againts SM, I wonder why YunHo and ChangMin didn't follow the other 3. I just hope it won't bring any problem to DBSG future as a whole group. This kind of situation reminds me of HOT and SES, hopefully the same problem won't happen to DBSG, amen.

Shopping/Wish list target from August to October Periods:

1. High Heels shoes
2. White/Black Handbag
3. 2 or 3 new top
4. Travel/New Hp
5. Foundation
6. Hair Smoothing/coloring n highlight
7. 2 or 3 new music cd
8. Curling Iron

My Top new kpop group:

1. Wonder Girls
2. 2NE1

1. DongBangShinki
2. BigBang
3. 2Pm
4. SuJu

That's all for now, ^_^

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