Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Ann's Entry: Pedophil Lover

I'm in the mood again for K-Pop world because this two gorgeous boys from FT Island... It's a coincidence when I saw them in a game show (I guess it's a fate... ^^)

Choi JungHoon
He's the leader. He's got a beautiful eyes and face structures. And don't forget his perfect model body. Somehow he reminds me of Eric and Siwon, and hate to admit this but he got Tiffany's smile (Damn, he's Tiff's male version. Even I don't like her, I must truly say that she's beautiful).

Lee Jaejin
The name remind us of Sechkies Lee Jaejin. Maybe he's not that handsome like Junghoon-i, but he got an inner, bad boy type with his naughty eyes stare and smile.

OMG, just found this! So heartbreaking, but I guess it's an old story, since this photos was uploaded on August 2007. Well it's just my fans excuse, coz I can't handle if they're in a long time relation ship. August 2007 til now, well it's been 1 years if the photos was taken when they're a new couple. And it's quite a long time for an idol to have a relationship. No!!! But I'm glad the girlfriend is so pretty.

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