Saturday, September 05, 2009

Ann's Entry: Reality is a B*TCH! - Prologue





Bestfriend Forever Pacts:

1. We promised to be bestfriend forever until death do us part

2. We promised to spend the teenage life together

3. We promised to have a boyfriend together

4. We promised to be a bride together

5. We promised to live as a side by side neighbor

6. We promised to take the same honeymoon destination

7. We promised to get pregnant at the same time

8. We promised to have a labor together side by side

9. We promised to raise our children together

10. We promised to make our children a couple so we can be in-law

11. We promised to have our old time, better or worse, sick or healthy together

12. We promised to have our body buried side by side

It’s me, Chloe Park, promised myself to fulfill all these pacts. If I cross one of the pacts, I will let Claire Lee take away my lovely Jason away from Barbie. He’s the most handsome Ken’s doll I’ve ever had.

I promised to do all the pacts wrote. If I failed, I promise I will give Chloe Park my beaded jewelry tool kit. It’s my treasure, so please take it care. Love, Claire Lee.

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