Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ann's Entry: My Favorite Songs of the Moment

Random ranks...

1. Barae (I Hope) - FT Island
A catchy retro song. Hearing this song will make you feel so energetic and cheerful. Good
voice power and sexy rap... (*****)

2. A Man's First Love Will Follow into His Grave - FT Island
Easy Listening song with bass focus in the instrument. Sexy song and sexy voice... (****)

3. First Kiss - FT Island
Sweet and romantic song with cute lyric. The guitar instrument was so smooth and gave a
romantic feeling... (*****)

4. Naman Barabwa (PtII) - G Dragon
Second part of Taeyang's version. I like GD's version more. Hella sexy and catchy... His voice when rapping and singing so seducting, while the composition on this song more dark. Just one word: SEXY! (*****)

5. Hot Issue - 4Minutes
Thanks to Song Jihyo Family Outing's episode... The family pushed her to do the dance, and she dancing awkwardly. When watching the MV, the dance is so cute, make me want to learn it... (*** 1/2)

More song will be updated later...

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