Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bec's Entry of 281010: Fav Song of the MoMent

Hiiii blogie,long time no see ^_^

So here i am today to share my playlist at the moment. Lately I'm so into a couple of everlasting old song, some new song and some song from my fav and the best rnb duo in kpop ever Fly to the sky ^^

Here is the list *the number do not show the rank* :

1. Desert RoSe - Sting
2. Take a bow - Madonna
3. Bring in back - Hwanhee *loveeeeeeees this song from the first time i heard this song*
4. From the heart - Another level
5. Rainism - Rain *blames iman for the clbk*
6. Dillema - Nelly n kelly Rowland
7. Butterfly - Mariah Carey
8. Best I ever had - Vertical Horizon
9.Shelter - JaeChun
10. Color - JaeChun
11. That's not my name - The ting tings
12. Control my Self - LL cool J feat JLo
13.Track 4 ftts recollection - FTTS *Just realised how nice this song*
14. In the club - 2NE1
15.Semua tak Sama - Padi *blames my lil bro*
16.Hallo - Beyonce
17. Shut up and listen - The ting tings
18. Gravity/Goosok :Ftts
19. Fragile heart/you needed me - Westlife/BoyZone PS: its kinda late, but my deepest condolence to the late *my junior high school biggest celebrity crush* Stephen Gately of Boyzone, RIP Steve...=)
20. Late Confession/everyday - Hwanhee

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