Monday, November 09, 2009

Bec's Entry of 09112009: Bibliotheque


The newest coolest 'IT' lounge and place to hang out in the city of Jakarta,located inside the also coolest great architecture Sampoerna Building.

I love the place and the interior, too bad i came to this place without reservation during Saturday night, which meant full booked. In the end me n my friends ended up around the outdoor area that also lovely but compare to the indoor, its nothing ^^

I tried to search for the pics using google, but failed. Maybe bcoz this is a new place.The decor inside combine the elegant European library look a like *with a real library which mean you can read or probably rent a book according to the waiter*, a classic romantic dinner place and classy yet stylish bar with cozy sofa around the bar area. And if you want to 'feels' the real spark of this place, i recommend you to walk inside from the main entry.

One thing for sure i love to go back to this place for sure, to experience the real atmosphere inside. Meanwhile for the food and beverage, i can't say how amazing the menu since we only ended up with some drink,snack and desert because the table we seated were also booked, so we only spend time here around 1 hour or so, for a new place i found it amazing, according to the waiter the whole place inside outside were already full booked that night.

Anyway from snack,dessert and drink that we ordered, we can clearly says that the snack n co are delicious ^^

Here are 3 pics that i 'steal" from this Bibliotheque:

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