Friday, January 23, 2009

Bec's FnB story of 220109

1 slice margarita pizza by domino's pizza

Lunch by kiyadon:
3 crunchy sushi *recommended,love it since the first I found this sushi with cat*
2 salmon sushi
2 glasses of Cold ocha
1\2 portion fried green tea tempura ice cream *recommended,always in love with fried ice cream and kiyadon is one of the perfect place to eat a delicious fried ice cream*

1\2 cup of grande hot toffee nut latte starbuck
2 pieces of fried pangsit by gm

1 meat lovers look a like domino's pizza
Some nachos with salsa sauce

Hand,bottom,and belly exercise ± 20

Organic beverage

Why on earth the pizza stock still available in my hm!!!!!I ate too many carbo today from 2 slices of pizza,rice at the sushi,cornflake at the sushi to the nachos ><
Must eat less carbo tommorow!!!!

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