Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bec's FnB story of 300109

Organic beverage
1\2 portion of large french fries by mcd

4tsp rice
1 fried chili egg

Nachos w\ salsa sauce

30 minutes varioust exercise

Dinner by ita suki:
4tsp of rice
1 lumpia kulit tahu
1 dumpling
Shared a plate of ita suki beef slice aka daging iris ita suki♥recommended♥
2 pieces of fried squid prawn sour salt aka cumi udang goreng asam garam
Tiny nip of fried kwetiaw
1 thai ice tea

Snack by sushi tei:
1\2 slice of beef mushroom ♥recommended,I love this food but since its a bit expensive for a small portion,i barely eat this.Forgot what the real name is,but I think sushi tei's beef mushroom is one of the most delicious beef mushroom that i ever taste so far♥
1 cold ocha

Organic beverage

I ate too many food this night.
Good I can stopped my self from eating the whole portion of icky's beef mushroom to ordering crispy roll for me and I succeed to stop my self from sharing fried kwetiaw w\ sari cs,all I did was just a very little kwetiaw

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