Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bec's Entry of 110209: Rihanna cancelled her asian tour concert inc Indonesia,after her boyfriend,Chris brown body harassment.

I found out about the exact news last night,that Rihanna cancelled all her asian tour.

The rumours said that she decided to cancel all the concert after she received body harassment from her current boyfriend,a famous RnB singer Chris Brown, after grammy's pre party/post party *not clearly remember which one*,that left marks and bruises in her face.

The news that I've got from the mailing list told me that the news had been spread in E!News,and E!News already predicted that Rihanna may cancelled all her asian concert due the incident. But since I don't have time to watch TV lately,I missed the news. The news also said that Rihanna planning to leave US in a while and fly to her hometown barbados to avoid Chris Brown and to calm her self down.

Poor Rihanna...somehow a slightly guilty feeling come to me since I had a wish that the concert will be cancel again till the day I have enough money to watch hahaha,but I swear I never wish somthin bad happen to her hehehe

And it kinda shocked me,because Chris Brown is always seemed like a nice guy in my eyes, not some guy who can easily lay their hands to hurt girls.

I hope it just a stupid rumour and Chris Brown is not the one who did that to Rihanna. I always consider Chris Brown as one talented RnB singer and I'm a fans of his song,if the news is true,no doubt my respect to him will decrease.

I wish everything will be ok for Rihanna n she can come to JKT soon,and hopefully when the time arrive, I can go to her concert ^_^V

Source:,axis news to widyanto dua mailing list

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