Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bec's Entry of 250309: Drooling over varioust food :D

I'm So in D mood for eating,eating and eating since yesterday,OMG -_-

Can't stop my self from wandering about the so called Yummy Food ♡

My top 10 craving list are:

•the number, do not show the rank•

1.Korean food w/ the complete side dishes. »Han Gang,Tobak,etc...Miss d the food so much *blames the pic in fb*

2.Double cheese burger Mcd or BK

3.I miss Sushi tei

4.Sour Sally w/ Mochi n Longan fruit

5.Pho noddle w/ the slices beef....I want it so bad hahaha

6.Fried chicken manggo by Penang Bistro

7.Margarita pizza by Ranch Market

8.Homemade Lemon tea w/ice cream by Soho

9.Delicious creamy pasta from Pasta Matrix,Bed n breakfast,Warung Pasta or even Red tomato would be more than just fine

10.Bakso malang by Tea Box

Owww I hate my self with the food lovers mode on ><

Now I should start to decide what to get first for today food lovers mode on,plz God don't let me stuck with the worst traffic again...or God plz stop my sudden unstoppable craziness over food today...

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