Thursday, April 02, 2009

Bec's Entry of 010409: Food n Beverage review= Ice blended chocolate by Coffee Bean and TRS

Food and Beverage Review n Recommendation:

Ice blended Chocolate by Coffee Bean ♡♡♡♡♡

Today finally I had a change to drink ice blended chocolate by Coffee Bean that my friend recommended since I told her how much I'm in love with the ice chocolate in Coffee World.

And it was so yummy yummy,I love it to death ♡

The ice blended chocolate by Coffee Bean is simply delicious,not too sweet or too sugary,it just PERFECT in my opinion so recommended this one for ice chocolate lovers alongside with the ice chocolate in Coffee World.

I tried so many varioust ice chocolate before,and I think Coffee Bean n Coffee World has the best ice chocolate by far that I ever tasted.

Most ice chocolate that I had tasted before was good at first,but since it was too sweet or sugary,you will loves the taste at first.But as soon as you drink half of the glass you started to feel 'enough'.

So for you ice chocolate lovers who never tries ice chocolate in Coffee Bean or Coffee world before,don't miss it ♡

TRS cafe/restaurant@ Citos,jkt. Western food.♡♡♡

I ate at TRS today,I gave 3 hearts for this place.Today I ate western burger *that's what I had in mind,excuse me if I type the incomplete name*.The size it quite bigger,and healthy beef burger since it was cooked by using the grill method but for the taste,I called it ok,not bad but not deliciously dying to eat it again too.

Then I tried the calamari,and it was ok too.The Caesar Salad was quite great and with a large portion. One that I probably will order if I eat in this place again.

The one that I gave higher point about this place is the food portion,its quite bigger compare to other cafe/restaurant.I didn't have a change to taste the spaghetti,but I saw one of my niece ordered it and it look nice and most of all large portion,I think 1 portion is enough for two people,unless you're not eating since last night ^^

For the decoration,its a typical american modern restaurants for the price its around RP.30.000 to 150.000 for main course.

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