Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bec's Review: Le Seminyak and Immigrant

This is another review by me,I luv writing a review lately to kill doin-nothing-time ^^

Here I come with 2 places:

•Le Seminyak ♡♡♡ 1\2
Restaurant,Mostly Balinesse Food,@ Pacific Place

This restaurat is quite famous lately. its quite nice especially the bale-bale look a like seater. Its cozy and kinda remind you of the nature bale-bale in Bali.

I ate at this place by change since I'm not a big fan of balinesse food. But after I ate at this place,I think this restaurant worth it to be try on. The price is the average restaurant price these day around Rp.30.000-50.000 per portion.

When I ate I picked oxtail soup,I know its not balinesse food but since my belly was far from good that day,I decided to eat somthin warm.

Yet still the recommended food at this place is definitely the balinesse food. You can pick Nasi Campur Bali for a start,my friend who ate this told me the taste was great. And then pick the Asem Asem Soup *forgive me if I put the name wrong* its oxtail soup look a like but saltier and sweet at the same time. And don't forget to try the seafood.

One of my friend ate the Fish grill *not sure which type since I'm too busy with my hurt belly* but my friend and my other fried loves it. So it must be good ^^

.Immigrant ♡♡♡♡♡
Restaurant,bar and Lounge @ Plaza Indonesia new extension.

This is one of the newest happening places in Jakarta. Lately Jakarta newest trend is changing from club to a nice place to just chill out and hang out,that's why many new places with lounge and similiar concept suddenly appears in Jakarta. And this place is one of best place amongst the newest.

The prices are the same with it rival such as Social House or Loewy.And like both of that places,I love this place. Its cozy and give you warm atmosphere so you can stay at this place for a long talk without you realize. And the decoration its also good.

Me and my friends are so into these kind of places lately,Club is fun because we love to dance but its too crowded for chat and maybe we already pass our clubbing euphoria during university day. So I recommended this place if you guys looking for a nice place to eat,chill or hang out and have a nice talk with your friends.

However if I have to choose between this and Social House,my fav place to chill out still Social House lounge,maybe because the semi outdoor area although Immigrant in my opinion have a better interior. So its up to you which one is your fav but Immigrant is definitely cool ^^

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