Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bec's Entry of 160409: My Craving list of CD

I'm planning to get my self some new music cd,but still confuse which one is my priority,since I listen to many music lately.

Anyway here's my list:
1.Jason Mraz
2.Junjin new mini alb/new alb
3.Lady GaGa
4.Neyo's years of the gentlemen repackaged
5.Kanye West
6.Wonder Girl,I want all of their cd.
7.HyeSung 3rd side b

Hmmm I think my top priority are Jason mraz,JunJin n Lady GaGa ^^
Maybe I start with Jason n JunJin.I'm so curios to grab jinnie newest alb asap,the review is doing good,so hopefully it turns out good,JunJin fighting ♡

1.Hate to admit it but snsd's Gee stuck in my head aaaargh!!!The song is so easy listening with catchy beat,damn!!but still I won't buy d album,BIG NO.
2.I'm kinda curious with 'Happy Face'. I listened to his song feat bigtone in music bank yesterday,the song is cool,I love it.He can both sing and rap quite well.

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